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About Us

Graduate education represents a vital NTU research resource where the success of significant research endeavours can be largely attributed to the dedicated efforts of outstanding PhD students under the expert and experienced guidance of faculty members. As such, effective harnessing of such a resource constitutes a strategic component in ensuring that NTU secures its position as a global university of excellence. In this regard, the University is committed to the training and development of quality research manpower and graduate programmes that would better augment the changing needs of future technological and economic drivers in an increasingly complex, global arena for Singapore’s benefit.

Graduate College at NTU shall seek to promote intellectually stimulating environment within which cross-pollination of ideas can flourish between students and their advisors. NTU’s graduate education shall also aim to groom future thought and industry leaders by equipping graduates with comprehensive technical and transferable skills that will help them make global impacts beyond the Singapore ecosystem.​

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