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NTU Student Crowned Champion at 3MT Asia Pacific Finals

NTU 3MT Asia Pacific Finals Winner.jpg(Click photo for more details)​

Pioneer batch of VinGro​up Scholars meets with NTU Leadership
VinGroup Scholars (2).jpg
From left to right: Assoc Professor Sierin Lim, Tran Minh Phuong Nam, Nguyen Hong Duc, Professor Ling San, Nguyen Duy Anh, Professor Lee Pooi See


15 Sep 2020 - The pioneer batch of VinGroup scholars met with NTU’s Deputy President and Provost, Prof Ling San, this morning for an introductory breakfast. Nguyen Duy Anh, Nguyen Hong Duc and Tran Minh Phuong Nam were accompanied by the Dean of Graduate College, Prof Lee Pooi See, as well the Associate Dean of Global Partnerships, Assoc Prof Sierin Lim.

Nam Tran expressed his great appreciation for the opportunity that NTU and Vingroup have provided. Hong Duc shared that he enjoyed the experience in NTU and has recently graduated with a NTU Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2019. He looks forward to his PhD journey in NTU. Duy Anh is enthusiastic to acquire knowledge in air traffic management with applied mathematics in his PhD studies.


Prof Ling San is pleased to know that the scholars are happy and have settled in well. He wishes them all the best with their studies and looks forward to welcoming more VinGroup Graduate Scholars at NTU in the future.


The VinGroup Scholarships are aimed to support Vietnamese students who are interested in pursuing a full-time PhD or Master’s degree (by research or coursework) at NTU in the areas of computer science and information system, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, biological sciences, and materials science.


Assoc Prof Sierin Lim (GC’s Associate Dean, Global Partnerships) named in the inaugural Singapore 100 Women in Tech list. ​

Sg 100 Women in Tech.png
(Click photo for more details)

NTU student wins 2nd place at 3MT 

Singapore Finals 

NTU Student 2nd Place at 3MT Finals.png

(Click photo for more details)



The Graduate College Awards aim to recognise and reward outstanding graduating PhD and Master students for academic, collaborative and entrepreneurial achievements during their studies in NTU. They also recognise outstanding mentoring efforts of graduate students’ supervisors​
Research Excellence Award

Presented to graduate students who attained significant research achievements during
their studies at NTU. The award recognises original, creative and widely disseminated
student research with significant impacts on the field or society.

 Deepa Vele Meedu.jpg
 Mele Veedu Deepa​
School: ASE
Advisor: Asst Wei Shengji​

Panda Biranchi.JPG
Panda Biranchi Narayan​
School: MAE
Advisor: Prof Tan Ming Jen
View research profile

Phan Quang Gia Chuong.jpg
Gia Chuong Phan-Quang
School: SPMS​
Advisor: A/P Ling Xing Yi
View research page

Special Mention
Tay Yi.png
​Tay Yi
School: SCSE
Advisor: Assoc Prof Hui Siu Cheung
Special Mention​
​​Liu Jun.jpg
Liu Jun
School: EEE
Advisor: Prof Alex C.Kot
View research page​

Graduate Mentoring Award

Presented to supervisors who have shown excellence and innovation in mentoring
graduate students. The award recognises supervisors who have demonstrated an
unusual commitment to nurture and motivate graduate students, and the ability to
foster their intellectual, creative, scholarly and professional growth

Prof Chang Xin Simba
School: NBS

Special Mention
Prof Alex Kot
School: EEE
Interdisciplinary Research Award
Presented to graduate students who have engaged in outstanding inter-disciplinary or
trans-disciplinary projects. The award recognises individual or collaborative research
that integrate concepts or practices from multiple disciplines to solve problems whose
solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline

Yong Yik Ling.jpeg
Yong Yik Ling
School: NIE
Advisor: Dr Angus Whitehead

Chew Wei Ze Alvin.png
Chew Wei Ze Alvin
School: CEE
Advisor: A/P Law Wing-Keung, Adrian
View Research Page​
View Research Profile​

​Special Mention
Grace Teo Jie Ying.jpg
Grace Teo Jie Ying
School: SoH (Master)
Advisor: Asst Prof Justin Clark
View Research Page​

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Award

​Presented to graduate students who have shown commendable entrepreneurial
attitude. The award recognises graduate students who have demonstrated leadership,
initiative, passion and resilience to generate intellectual property and/or translate
research ideas from academia to industry, driving innovation and commercialization

Gan Weiliang.jpg
Gan Weiliang
School: SPMS
Advisor: Prof Lew Wen Siang
View Research Page​
View Website​
​​ ​
Aswin Haridas.jpg
Aswin Haridas
School: MAE
Advisor: A/P Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
View Research Page​
View Research Profile​
​​ ​
Special Mention
Nguyen Pham Nhat Thien Minh.jpg
Nguyen Pham Nhat Thien Minh
School: EEE
Advisor: Prof Xie Lihua
View Research Page​
​Special Mention
Jon Gresham.jpg
Jonathan Paul Gresham
School: SoH (Master)
Advisor: A/P Boey Kim Cheng
View Website​
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