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Programme Structure



Coursework Requirements

Year 1

First Sem

1.       HWG703 (if not exempted)

2.       Scholarly Communication & Impact Seminars (For Graduate Research Students)

3.       Up to 12AU graded courses

4.       TAC Meeting + Half-Yearly Report

5.       ERI701: Epigeum Research Integrity Course (ERIC)

Second Sem

1.       HWG702

2.       Complete 12AU graded courses

3.       TAC Meeting + Annual Report

Year 2

Third Sem

1.       Complete 18AU (with the option to take up to 6AU audited courses out of 18AU)

2.       Qualifying Examination

3.       TAC Meeting + Half-Yearly Report

Fourth Sem

1.       TAC Meeting + Annual Report

Year 3

Fifth Sem

1.       Complete Communication course by 5th Semester

2.       TAC Meeting + Half-Yearly Report

Sixth Sem

1.       TAC Meeting + Annual Report

Year 4

Seventh Sem

1.       3-minute thesis (3MT) presentation 

2.       TAC Meetings + Reports

Final Sem

1.       Submission of Thesis

1.       Coursework Requirements:

In addition to pursuing independent research, candidates are required to satisfy the following requirements.

Scholarship Scheme



Minimum Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) to be attained in any term of study


(Grade B)


(Grade A)

Minimum Grade Point to be attained in any course


Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average to be attained to graduate


(Grade B)


(Grade A)

Maximum Period to Complete Graded Course Requirements

12 months

Maximum Period to Complete 18AU (with the option to take up to 6AU audited courses out of 18AU)

18 months

Maximum no of courses allowed for Exemption

  3 AU (»1 module)

Total No. of AU/Graded & Audited modules required before QE confirmation

18 AU

(» 6 graded modules or

 » 4 graded modules+2 audited modules)

Total No. of AUs/modules required before graduation

18 AU (» 6 modules)

Maximum No. of ‘6000’ courses series can be used as graded modules

  6 AU (» 2 modules)

Minimum No. of ‘7000’/’9000’ series courses can be used as graded modules

  6 AU (» 2 modules)

*Research Centres/Institutes may have additional requirements

For NPGS scholar, please refer to the terms and conditions in your letter of offer, letter of award for Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship.


Exemption from the coursework courses may be granted by the Assoc Dean (Interdisciplinary Programme) if the candidate is deemed to have already done sufficient coursework in the relevant area in a Master's degree program at a recognized university. In general, only credits and qualifications earned within the last 5 years from the date of application can be considered.


1.       Ph.D. Qualifying Examination (QE):

Candidates have to undergo QE within 18th of the candidature. Students must pass both parts below to confirm their Ph.D. status.:

         i.            Graduate coursework with required CGPA, and

       ii.            Passed and completed HWG702 & ERI701


2.       Thesis & Oral Examination:

At the end of the programme, students are required to write and submit a thesis, which will be examined by examiners. After which, students have to conduct an Oral Examination.​

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