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Postgraduate Internship Programme (For Students)

The aims of postgraduate internship are to facilitate experiential learning of graduate students, translate research outcomes, and equip students with the professional work attitude and ethics. Through the internship, the students can broaden the domain of expertise and would learn to apply their research capability in an industrial or corporate institution. Furthermore, the internship programme ​could allow students to network with potential industry partners and path their way for future job opportunities. 

Postgraduate internship is open to all Year 3 and Year 4 PhD students. There are two internship pathways:

  1. Internship Leave (application form​)
  2. Professional Graduate Internship (application form​)
The table below is a comparison of both pathways​:


Internship Leave

GP7001: ​Professional Graduate Internship​2


  1. Pass Qualifying Exam
  2. Completed 3MT (applicable for AY2019 intake onwards)
  3. Completed compulsory communication courses (applicable for AY2019 intake onwards)
  4. Partial fulfillment of GAP hours
    ​​Year and Semester ​Minimum % of GAP hours
    to be completed
    ​Year 3
    1st Semester
    Year 3
    2nd Semester
    Year 4
    1st Semester​
     Year 4
    2nd Semester


0 (non credit-bearing)

3 (credit-bearing)


Maximum is 3 months for international students1. Up to 6 months for local students

Up to 6 months

Counted toward candidature







Remuneration from the company


Only top-up can be allowed, subject to maximum stipend top-up allowed



1to comply with ICA regulations

2The Professional Graduate Internship application form for S1 AY2020 should be emailed to no later than 23rd September 2020. For subsequent semesters, the Professional Graduate Internship application to follow course registration exercise period.​

Please contact​ for further information

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