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SMU Students taking NTU Courses

1.    Registration of Courses

Students should ascertain with the advice of their institution's faculty coordinators that they have met the equivalent pre-requisites, if any, of the NTU courses.


For students who are taking courses concurrently at both universities, it is important for you to check and ascertain that you can fit the exchange course(s) with your registered courses in SMU.


Please note that there are certain courses which are not offered to exchange students.  NTU courses are highly competitive and popular, and there is no guarantee that you will be allocated courses you express interest in.



2.    Application Procedure


Note: Applicable to PhD Students who have been nominated by SMU only


a.Obtain the information on the Course Content and Examination Timetable

b.Consult your institution’s faculty coordinators on the suitability of your choice of


c. Complete the NTU online application form by the following stipulated closing date:


B30 Apr 2020 (Thursday) for Semester 1, AY2020-2021​



3.    Acceptance


Your selection of courses will be subject to NTU's approval and vacancies availability. Upon successful application, you will be issued with a letter of enrolment and you are required to indicate your acceptance by the stipulated deadline. At the end of the programme, NTU will send your academic transcript to your university within one month after the release of examination results. Please note that all NTU rules and regulations pertaining to course registration and examinations will apply to you.



4.    Useful NTU Links


Academic Calendar

Course Content

Examination Timetable

Exchange/Non-graduating Students

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Examination Instructions to Candidates



5.    Contact Us


Should you have further enquiry, please email to

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