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PhD Student Exchange Programmes (Local)

·         NTU-NUS PhD Exchange Programme

·         NTU-SMU PhD Exchange Programme


These Exchange Programmes enable PhD students to take graduate level courses/modules that are not offered in their Home University from the other university (Host University), therefore leveraging on the respective strengths of these universities to significantly broaden the students’ educational options. Such collaboration among local universities improves the quality of PhD education.


Students must seek written endorsement of their Home University to select and apply for Exchange Courses/Modules at the Host University. The student’s enrolment in the courses/modules is determined by the Host University based on the availability of spaces and the student’s academic credentials. Upon successful completion of the courses, credits will be transferred to the Home University.


  • ​​The grades of the courses taken at the partner university will not be included in students’ GPA computations.
  • There will be no add/drop period for the registration of subjects. Students must decide on the courses before submitting the registration form.​​

The enrolled students are responsible for:


a.   Tuition, academic and obligatory fees at their Home University. Tuition and fees will be waived at the Host University;

b.   Medical/health insurance. This fee will be waived at the Host University if a student is already insured for similar coverage at the Home University;

c.     Obligatory expenditure required in the Host University;

d.    Personal and living expenses, including accommodation and food;

e.    Debts incurred for the duration of their study at the Host University; and

f.      Own travel expenses.


The use of non-academic or non-obligatory facilities, services and functions at the Host University may require the payment of fees by the exchange student.


Interested PhD students are encouraged to apply for these exchange programmes. Detailed application procedures are provided through the following links.​



Exchange Programme with NUS

NTU Students taking NUS Courses

NUS Students taking NTU Courses​​

Exchange Programme with SMU 

​NTU Students taking SMU Courses​


SMU Students taking NTU Courses​​

Not sure which programme to go for? Use our programme finder
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