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Transferable Skills

Communications / Writing Training Programme for PhD Students


As part of the transferrable skills training programme at NTU, the Graduate College in collaboration with disciplinary colleges and other campus organizations, has established the Communications/Writing Training for PhD students.


This programme aims to better prepare our PhD students with the writing skills for their research publications/thesis and with the oral communications skills for effective oral presentations. The programme consists of three components, two compulsory and one optional, to be fully implemented for PhD students admitted in the AY2019-2020 and beyond.


The three components of the Programme


a.     Compulsory. All PhD students must complete one of the communications courses of 39 training hours.


Below is the list of communication courses available:

​ES7003 Communication Skills for Scientist

HWG704 Research Communication for Graduate Studies

HWG705 The Craft of Academic Writing

HWG706 Academic Publishing

HWG707 Communicating Research in the Medical Sciences

A901 Speaking Academia

MS901 Graduate Communication Course

SA830 Writing and Communication Skills (Course is offered by NIE)


Please refer to the class timetable for the course offer period and registration of the course.


b.    Compulsory. All PhD students must participate in a 3-minute thesis (3MT) presentation symposium before graduation.


c.  Optional. Should students need one-on-one tutoring/mentoring, they can schedule appointments with special tutors at LCC Communications Cube​ or NIE Grad Centre for individualised feedback on their writing and oral communication skills.​​​​

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